Hello, hello!
I'm Lynette or Netty, whichever you prefer. In addition to doing graphic design and web design, I also minor in marketing at my university. I do traditional arts and digital arts as well. I just do all the arts! I really enjoy being a creator and making new and beautiful things. When I am not doing student work, I sell my paintings on my Etsy store as well as at local art events and strolls. 
If I have free time after all the above, I like to run my own youtube channel. My focus is on natural hair care and healthy, happy, curly-coily hair. Lately I have not had the time to update new content, but there is more coming soon! 
My  projects and services include traditional arts: acrylic painting, spray painting, graphite drawings, digital artwork, graphic design: logo design, posters, flyers, business cards, invitations, stationary and more.
Feel free to contact me for inquiries/questions/to say hello :)