My Process
For this project I documented what I did in a process book that i printed and presented alongside my labels and packaging design. The book outlines my research, wireframing and design thinking for this project. I have added a few spreads from it below.

Design Thoughts
"I wanted to create a design identity that spoke to the transparency of our company[...]"
Market Research Study
After identifying my target market and creating company structure and layout I wanted to gain demographic insight on my audience. To do this I conducted a small quantitative research survey and analyzed the results to help me determine the best solutions for the customers and learned how to best satisfy their hair care needs.

Label Creation
I aimed to create packaging that reflected what the product was at it's core: 'nothing but' all natural ingredients. To achieve this, I designed transparent labeling for the squeezable bottles as well as transparent elements for the jar labels, travel packaging, and sample handouts as well. Naturally Naked is proud of this product and has nothing to hide.
Travel Kit Labels and Box Wireframe
Travel Kit Labels and Box Wireframe

Naturally Naked Hair Product Labels- Squeeze bottles (right) Jars (left)

Web Design
E-commerce website design coded with the bootstrap framework for the Naturally Naked hair care brand. I integrated some CSS animation on the navigation and contact page. (GIF on left)

Click the gif to view the site (opens in new tab)
Advertisement Created For Naturally Naked
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